Earth Day Everyday with Aveda and Waters + Co

Waters + Co is proud to be an Aveda salon! We love and trust their high quality products, and we stand behind their company values as well. Responsible sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging all contribute to Aveda’s goals of being carbon neutral, 100% vegan, and sustainable. Not only are they making an impact in the beauty industry, but they’re doing their part to initiate and contribute to global environmental conservation efforts. 


Aveda is leading the way among beauty brands what sustainability in the industry can look like on a big, corporate scale. 85% of Aveda products use 100% post consumer recycled materials in their packaging. With the earth in mind, they use modern day technologies to keep their environmental footprint to a minimum without compromising quality. But their focus is on more than just themselves– they value being a company that has a positive impact on the environment through various conservation and recycling efforts. This includes their own recycling initiatives starting in 2008 to combat the number of plastic caps being tossed into landfills each year, and partnering with nonprofit organizations that provide access to clean water to people around the world. 

Vegan & Cruelty Free… Now & Forever

Aveda uses clean, quality ingredients in their products, so they never need to test on animals. They believe in keeping compassion in their company, and this extends to animals as well. Their commitment to protecting animals and wildlife goes all the way back to 1989, when they were the first company ever to sign “the Ceres Principles for corporate responsibility, which call for the safeguarding of the Earth and ‘its inhabitants.’” They also support Cruelty Free research studying links between breast cancer and exposure to toxic chemicals, including those put in everyday products. So being vegan and cruelty free goes deeper than caring for animals and wildlife, it protects their customers too. 

Carbon Neutral

What does it mean to be carbon neutral? It means no carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere creates what is called the greenhouse effect, which is when gas creates a cover between the atmosphere and the sun causing the warming of the earth and oceans. Aveda invests in multiple carbon-reducing projects working on producing renewable energy, making the production of their materials carbon neutral. On top of their recycled packaging, cruelty-free products, responsible manufacturing, and support of the community and environment, Aveda keeps its goals of preserving this incredible world we live in. 

Why Choose Waters + Co?

We think our phenomenal stylists backed by the Aveda quality products that you love makes Waters + Co Salon one of the best salons in the business! Let us prove it  – schedule an appointment for your hair and esthetic services, or stop by to pick up your favorite Aveda products and enjoy the ultimate Aveda experience.