3 Easy Springtime Hairstyles We’re Obsessing Over

Fellow Arizonians, the perfect spring temperatures are here! And while you soak up this seventy-degree sunshine, we thought we’d share some tips on how to make your hair look amazing this season. We’ve seen all the latest styling trends around town and picked out three of our favorites just for you. 

Heatless Curls

Maybe those Winter Woes still have your hair feeling dull, dry, and lifeless. Or maybe it’s the hours of curling and styling with hot tools that are holding your hair back from its fullest potential. This trend will give you the bouncy, all-day curls of your dreams. First, we recommend investing in a Heatless Curling Headband, this one is $10 on amazon. But if you’re in a pinch, you can also use the tie of a robe or even a pair of long socks. Bonus: use Nutriplenish Curl Gelee for heartless curls that will stay fabulous all day long. This product hydrates and defines curls while giving a light hold. Once hair is fully dry, shake hair from the root and scrunch the ends to soften curls.

Bring Out the Hot Rollers- The Bombshell Blowout is Back!

Hot rollers are all the rage, and this extra step will take your blowout from flat to fabulously voluminous. Start by misting your locks with Brilliant Damage Control Leave in Mist and then a rough dry on your hair and get it to about 80% dry. Take hair in one inch sections, starting at the front of your head, and dry as usual with a round brush. Next, place the roller at the middle of your section, pull it to the end then roll all the way down to the root and secure it. Do this all around your head until no sections remain and let set for up to an hour. After rollers are removed, apply Brilliant Emollient Finishing Gloss and Air Control Light Hold Hairspray for a shiny finish that will keep curls all day long!

Dig Out the Claw Clips- and Save Your Hair!

We love a good messy bun, but did you know that keeping your hair up all day can damage your hair from root to end? But don’t worry! We’ve got some relaxed, “undone” styles for you to try out that won’t destroy your hair. First, repair damage with the Botanical Repair Overnight Serum. This serum builds bonds, repairs all three layers of hair, and reduces the appearance of split ends by 84% powered by Nangai oil. To use, just apply to ends at bedtime (don’t rinse!), get your beauty sleep, and style as usual in the morning!

Our favorite accessory in the early 2000’s is back in full swing. Claw clips won’t put tension on your hair like elastic hair ties do, which also makes them much more comfortable. So try a simple french twist clamped in your favorite claw clip. This look is especially great with a few-day-old curls. Bonus tip: puff in some Shampowder Dry Shampoo to go longer between washes. The messier the better! It adds to the look, we promise!

We’ll Do the Hard Work For You

We hope these styles are easy and effortless additions to your hair routines. But if you’re struggling to get the look you want, schedule an appointment at Waters + Co! We can walk you through the process step-by-step at your next appointment and help you get the hair of your dreams. We’ll also work with you to recommend the best Aveda hair products for your hair thickness, style, and texture. Our amazing team of stylists are here to help! We can’t wait to see you for your spring hair refresh.