Why Natural Ingredients Matter For Hair Care

When it comes to hair care, the options we have to choose from are endless. Not only can you choose a combination of the type of products – shampoo, conditioners, treatments, and styling products – but the ingredients in the products is also a factor to be considered. When it comes to those ingredients, are natural ingredients really better than their synthetic counterparts? At Waters + Co Salon, we certainly think so! Here are a few reasons why natural ingredients matter in your hair care.


While it may seem a little counterintuitive, natural ingredients are better for the environment than synthetic ingredients. It’s true that natural ingredients are harvested, but they originate from sustainable plants and compounds, meaning the earth will replenish the source easily – and in some cases, the harvesting is actually good for the planet. Synthetic ingredients often have a negative impact on plants and animals (including humans!) as well as a larger carbon footprint than natural ingredients.

Overall Health

Anything that touches our skin can be absorbed into our bloodstream. And when a synthetic material is absorbed, it could have a toxic effect on our bodies. Everything from the tissues in our organs, to hormones, and even entire systems within our bodies can be negatively impacted, especially with continued use. If natural ingredients are used instead, the body is able to process and move along anything that is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Great Haircare

Hair is an organic compound, and so it makes sense that our hair would respond best to natural ingredients. Natural products contain added health benefits beyond the label. These organic ingredients contain vitamins and minerals like vitamins C and A, calcium and magnesium, or acids like alpha-hydroxy. All of these provide an added boost for our haircare routine.

Waters + Co And Aveda

As a leader in natural hair care since 1978, Aveda is rooted in providing exceptional and natural beauty products in the most sustainable way possible. Beyond the actual product, Aveda is leading the way for reducing and sometimes eliminating the carbon footprint for their products, as well as working to heal and replenish the earth as well.

Waters + Co is a proud Aveda Family salon and we carry the full Aveda hair care line. Stop in and grab your favorites, or stock up when you’re in for a service. And if you’re curious about any of our products, we have testers available too!