Celebrate World Water Day with Waters + Co Salon

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Did you know that unsafe water is responsible for 1.2 million deaths in a year and that 2.1 billion people – 29% of the population – does not have access to clean drinking water? These truly terrifying statistics are a huge reason why Waters + Co Salon is joining with Aveda to celebrate World Water Day and work to bring water security to those around the world.

World Water Day is March 22nd

World Water Day is a United Nations initiative to bring awareness and highlights the importance of fresh water. The day is used  to highlight the need for sustainable management of freshwater resources for all aspects of clean water, including water to drink, sanitation, and hygiene or WASH.

How We’re Helping

Aveda has partnered with charity: water who has raised $300M for clean water initiatives, funding over 44,000 water projects, and served 10M people across 27 countries since 2006. To date, Aveda has helped to secure nearly 1,700 water sources across the globe for those facing safe water crises.

You Can Help Too

You can join the fight for clean water for all in several ways. First, you can donate to charity: water. Just $40 can provide clean water to one person. Second, you can stock up on liter-sized bottles at our 20% off sale! Now through March 27th, by purchasing your favorite products in larger sizes, you’re helping to reduce the amount of plastic used in the process of bottling the products as well as the carbon footprint of manufacturing.

As an Aveda family salon, Waters + Co Salon carries the full line of Aveda hair care products. Give us a call and we’ll put your order together for contactless, curbside pick up. Or stop in and grab your favorites! Our stylists are looking forward to providing you with our professional services and we can help select the best products for your hair type too.
Book your appointment today – we can’t wait to see you! (480) 970-1711 or info@watersandcompanysalon.com. Thank you for your support and for your dedication to providing clean water for everyone!


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