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5 Hair Trends in 2021 – and 1 That Needs to Go

By January 21, 2021 No Comments

Happy new year! This year, we’re seeing hair trends that are heavily influenced by the changes the world saw in 2020. Many are at home much more than they used to be and with limited access to salons, forcing some to embrace changing their hairstyle to better accommodate their new lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the top 5 hair trends for this year, and one that we think needs to go!

Shag Haircuts

The lack of salon accessibility coupled with less face time with colleagues and clients has led the way to low maintenance styles. The 70’s shag is back and easier than ever. Not only is this shape back, but it’s worn in a natural and easy way. If frizz is keeping you from embracing your hair in its natural state, be sure to try the Aveda Nutriplenish line to hydrate and replenish with omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil. The results are lush and visibly manageable hair, perfect for the natural shag!

Anything Goes Color

Throw the rule book out the window! Grab some pop color with a pink streak on your part or blue bangs. Create a shadowed part, or lighten just the ends of your hair. Fun, funky, and devil-may-care are the best color choices for this year.


Oh yes, they’re back and in a BIG way! If you’re going to cut some fringe, be sure that they are long and thick. And just like the shag, wearing those bangs curly and natural is all the rage. Big bangs paired with a long shag? Is a match made in hair heaven.

The 60’s vibe

We can thank The Queen’s Gambit for the resurgence of the 60’s inspired do’s this year. And in keeping with the 2021 feel, these flippy and fun styles are on the more natural looking side than the overly coifed version in previous years.

Plant-Based Care

Plant-based eating has seen a huge uptick in 2020 and there’s no slowing down in 2021. In addition to what we eat, the trend is now spreading to self-care as well. As the OG of plant-based hair care, Aveda has continued to expand its product offerings which now includes the Botanical Repair hair care line. This powerful bond-building treatment formulated to strengthen,¬†repair, and protect hair from the inside out.¬†


Yes. We said it. Professionally cut mullets are – sigh – becoming a thing. We blame the self hair cuts of 2020 quarantine for this unfortunate trend!

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