Happy New HAIR! Hair Trends for the New Year

It’s a new year and a great time to try out a new hair trend!  2023 is boasting some bold new looks we are thrilled to share.   Waters + Co. Salon has the expertise and vision to help you start the new year feeling fresh and stylish.  

Color Trends

Going Platinum  2023 is improving on the old platinum trend.  This year we will see a low-maintenance version of platinum blonde that begins with darker blonde roots and blends down to all the bright blonde colors you desire.  The best news about this trend is it will not require constant touch-ups. 

Rich Brunette For those of you who are choosing to stay with your brown locks, dive right into a rich, deep brunette.  You may consider dimensional highlights to create a shine, as rich browns bring out healthy-looking hair.  We recommend glossy coats of deep mocha brown to see you through every bad hair day 2023 can throw your way.  

Vampy Red  Ready to break out of the natural look?  This moody, vibrant look is all-in on deep ruby-violet tones.  This look is a fun step up from the redhead trends we have seen in the past.  2023 is your year; it all depends on how you want to pull it off your new hair color. 

Style Trends

Short Crops and Bobs  According to Pinterest 2023 predictions, hair is set to get shorter.  We are ready for all the shortcuts; from pixie to bob, we’ve got you covered.  With a bob, it’s best not to overthink it. Go with straight lines and angles, less layers.  A box bob is a classic and will be a popular style in the new year.  Also, check out the even shorter French girl bob, which skims the cheekbone and elevates the bob to an even more chic level. 

Mixing Cuts and Layers  

If you are set to hang on to your length, layers are a mood.  The best news about the layers is you can tailor them to your style, whether that is grungy, sleek, or voluminous.  We can create layers in many different ways to achieve the desired look without losing your length.

Since everyone loves a good DIY, why not a hairstyle?  It’s fun to mix the front of one hairstyle with the back of a different one, a modern take on the mullet or wolf cut.  There is definitely a trend of mixing and matching everything from lengths to styles, eras, etc, to find the best of each cut.  

Curtain Bangs 

Curtain fringe is here to stay! Versatile with an easygoing vibe, curtain bangs were a huge hit in 2022, and we predict they will remain relevant in the new year.  With the ability to grow them out, pin them back, or trim them shorter, curtain bangs are the gateway to any bang style.  You will not be disappointed to try this trend; your curtain bangs will frame your face, accentuate your cheekbones, and add dimension to your hairstyle. 

Waters + Co Has You Covered!

Let’s get you the hair you have always dreamed of…come in and trust your hair with one of our stylists! We love consultations and can’t wait to hear what you are thinking about for your hair.  We can also provide all the necessary Aveda products right here in our salon to help you maintain the “just out of the salon” look all year round.  Schedule an appointment today..2023 is looking bright!