Spooky Tales from Beyond the Salon

Halloween may have you screaming in fear, but your hair should not!   Don’t be mistaken for a bad Halloween costume because you have been neglecting your hair or don’t know where to turn for help.  Waters + Co offers these scary stories so you can beware of the horrors of mistreated hair, and you will know where to turn when these frightening fears come true.  

Frightening Frizz

Are you mad with frustration over uncontrolled Frizz?  Frizz can be caused by the environment, the hair cuticle, heat damage, and unhealthy hair products.   Waters +Co has the solution! Our expertise can help you discover a comprehensive approach to battle everything that contributes to frizz.  Waters +Co stylists can help with a haircut designed to reduce frizz for thick and curly hair while showing you styling techniques to protect the hair cuticles.   Our Aveda products, such as the Smooth Infusion Line, can defy frizz for days.  These products are silicone and sulfate free and offer plant-powered technology to withstand even extreme humidity.  Without a doubt, turn to Smooth Infusion when you are screaming from frizz.  

All Charged Up

Static electricity is hair-raising!  When hair becomes charged with electricity, the individual hair strands actually lift up and away from each other.  You may ask, how do I keep my hair from becoming electric?   The answer is moisture!  Dry hair allows for more friction, and the simple act of putting on a sweater or scarf and jacket can send your hair flying.  A quick fix can be to carry a travel-size leave-in conditioner, such as Nutriplenish.  Place a small spray on your hands and quickly rub your hands through your hair to relieve the static effect.  Waters + Co also offers long-term solutions by providing hair care for overly dry hair.   Keeping hair moisturized, especially in the winter, can be a challenge in our dry climate.  Our salon offers professional moisturizing and conditioning treatments and can provide the Aveda family products to maintain that moisture long-term.  Many hair products on the market contain ingredients that dry out hair.  Waters + Co can proudly say that is not an issue at our salon, as we carry only Aveda products which are sulfate and silicone free.  It is important that we offer our clients only natural products that promote overall health and wellness.     

Looking for Help in All the Wrong Places

Waters +Co offers a safe place from all the horrors of bad hair!  When you are running from a bad hair day, turn to the right products; otherwise, your hair may be more butchered than it was to start.  Don’t be like the character in horror films that decides to hide in the shed full of sharp tools.  Book a service today and put your worst hair fears at ease.  Stop in and grab your favorites; we are always happy to help you find the perfect product for your hair needs.