Our Favorite Aveda Products Have Improved!  

As an Aveda Salon, Waters+Co is proud of the impact we can make on the beauty industry and the world.  Aveda products are not only high quality, but they are clean and cruelty-free.  Aveda is concerned about minimizing its environmental footprint and stands by company values that care for the world we live in.  Waters + Co Salon is backed by these outstanding Aveda products, making us stand out as one of the best.  We are so thrilled to announce the products we already love are now even better. 

Why We Chose Aveda

When it comes to hair care, the choices are endless.  Are you looking for shampoo, conditioner, detangler, or styling products?  What type of ingredients are involved and will produce the desired results?  As you know, natural ingredients are key to proper hair care and overall health.   At Waters + Co, we make it easy, as we stock the full Aveda Hair Care line, which meets all the highest standards of what is best in hair care. 

Color Control

After five years of research, New Color Control Shampoo and Conditioner are here!   This new and improved formula is plant-powered technology and provides color protection for up to eight weeks.  The new technology works to neutralize color-dulling particles, create a protective shield, and smooth and seal the cuticle, all locking in beautiful color with radiant shine.  This is all done while remaining free of sulfate cleansers, and as all Aveda products can boast, it is cruelty-free!  The precise formulation of this new and improved line provides lasting, radiant color while leaving hair soft, bouncy, and hydrated.  If you have considered a new trendy hair color or have been coloring your hair for sometime, these products will support your hair health beautifully.  

Smooth Infusion

Styling products can make all the difference.  Frizz is something many people fight and struggle to find the right product to combat.  One of the reasons fighting frizz can be so frustrating is most products contain silicone.  Smoothing products with silicone and other synthetic ingredients can weigh hair down and leave it looking greasy and dull.  We are thrilled to announce Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Line.  The entire line of breakthrough products are silicone-free and plant powered.  Six years of research have resulted in revolutionary dual action technology which offers a plant polymer shield and botanical smoothing oil blend.  Bonus, the original smooth infusion aroma featuring pure flower and plant essences remain.  Clients will enjoy smoother, sleeker hair in just one use and will feel confident with 72 hours of frizz protection.  

Ready to Try? 

Our highly trained stylists are ready to introduce you to these new products and many more to help you achieve the hair of your dreams during your next appointment.  Waters + Co can guide you with the proper products to help you accomplish all your hair goals while promoting your overall health, protecting the environment and remaining cruelty-free. Schedule an appointment or stop by to pick up your favorite Aveda products and find out what makes Waters + Co Salon one of the best in the business.