Back to School Cuts for Kids

With the end of summer vacation quickly approaching, it’s time to look at the most popular back-to-school cuts! We are a one-stop shop here at Waters + Co, we’ll give the whole family fresh cuts this back-to-school season. Let’s take a look at the cool cuts for kids this year: 

The Modern Mullet

You knew it was coming! The modern mullet is the new trend for boys. The modern mullet has faded sides and your traditional, “business up front, party in the back” along the top. This brings a little more structure and edge to the traditional mullet that can look a bit unkempt and outdated. We know this style can be controversial, but there’s no doubt it’s trending! Especially in back-to-school cuts!

The Side Sweep

The Side Sweep has shaved sides but is kept very long on the top. Then texture and shaping give the side-swept bangs some definition. This cut is often the “middle ground” between kiddos wanting to keep long hair and parents wanting their kids to have a more put-together look. It’s a happy medium!

Surfer Boy Shag

Why not keep the summer spirit and lean into a beachy shag? This style is great for boys that want to keep their hair long while still framing the face and keeping it out of their eyes. It’s a fun, effortlessly cool look that your favorite little surfer dude can rock going into the new year!

Waters + Co for the Whole Family!

Whether you’re a long-time client, or new to the Waters + Co family, we’d love to help you and the whole family look and feel fabulous as this new school year rolls out. We think our phenomenal stylists backed by the Aveda quality products that you love make Waters + Co Salon one of the best salons in the business! Let us prove it  – schedule an appointment for your hair and esthetic services, or stop by to pick up your favorite Aveda products and enjoy the ultimate Aveda experience.